I am David Viña,
Web Developer

or Full Stack Developer specialized in WordPress

Peak code, but before is cab driver 🚕

In another life, a few years ago, I was a cab driver. But I was a technology geek. I analyzed every smartphone I bought and got my hands on.

I was the first to install the last version, including the version’s beta. I always liked to tinker.

And just for this concern, I had to do an Android application to keep cab bills, because an Excel sheet was for “old people”.

What I studied in the Industrial Engineering courses didn’t help much. So, I did what I thought any person would do in my case. I started researching on my own how to develop that application on Android.

I saw a lot of videos on Java, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, and other js libraries. I was a lot of hours clicking code at the cab stand with all learning. And my app worked (well, it still works 😉) to keep cab bills on my smartphone.

I was excited to new challenges come. And I don’t stop 😁.

Web Development in WordPress, the CMS most used over the world

We allow a CMS with great flexibility to develop from a corporative web to an online eCommerce.

In 2016, I had the opportunity to do a web page. Researching how to do it, I found WordPress. I felt very comfortable with this tool, so I started making websites with it. But, everything changed when in 2018 I had to leave the cab and I start working on making web pages professionally.

In the beginning, was difficult, but I knew the WordPress Community in the Pontevedra WordCamp, and my life changed completely.

I had new projects with interesting objectives that I allow learning a lot of things. I learned to do plugins with Object Programmation Oriented and I learned to do Custom blocks with React and Functional Programmation Paradigm. I acquired a lot of knowledge in a bit of time. All knowledge related to WordPress.

Now, I make Custom Plugins, Blocks, and Themes. Both things are my passion at this moment. I really enjoy making Custom Blocks and creating new functionalities following the WordPress Standard (thank you Carlos Longarela for your advice). Also, I started to create Block Themes (the new form to create websites in WordPress). The theme of this page is created for me with a Custom Block Theme 😎.

If you have an idea and you should like to do it really, contact me and talk.