Plugin Soivigol Notes




Soivigol Notes is a plugin that improves the productivity for post writers and page implementers. This plugin provides two important features:

  • A new left sidebar with a Checklist and a rich editor.
  • A notes block to enter annotations like a post-it notes.

The left sidebar on the post and page editor has a checklist of to-do list. You can also create a workflow. This sidebar can have a rich editor to introduce notes you need to remember. You can customize this sidebar from a Settings->Soivigol Check List. Here, you can enter a Checklist or Work flow general that is loaded in the editor. You can allow edit this list or no. Also, in this section, you can enter a general text that appears in the editor, in general. And you can show, or no, the Rich Editor to each particular post/page.

The note’s block is a special block to enter annotations in any position of the post, how a post-it to remember some data or some require setting. This block isn’t shown in the front end. Only work in the backend. Many thanks to for the support, ideas and feedback to create this plugin.

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