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Development of the custom themes

You can need a custom theme if you have a unique design, where is need to do a lot of the customization. Or if you like to have a template closed where the content manager only can modify various text fields, where the design can’t be broken.
I do custom themes following WordPress standards. I can do two types of templates:

  • Typical templates. The typical template. It’s done with PHP and using the underscore base.
  • Block theme. The new theme is based on blocks to use with the Full Site Editing. With these themes, I create a base with various options and patterns that you can change easily without using any code. This option is ideal if you like to create new content based on a predetermined design, but with the possibility to modify some content. This theme is created with a Block Theme 😁.

Development of a Plugin

There are many reasons for the need for a custom plugin. From a special functionality that neither repository plugin can do, until the need to connect some information with external tools or the need to get information from external services and that we can display correctly.

The possibilities offered by a Custom Plugin are infinite. Tell me your idea, and we search for a solution 😉

Development things to WordPress!

WordPress is The Content Management System more used in the world. With this, CMS can do from a corporatize web to an eCommerce. The possibilities that offer this CMS are infinite.

Development of the custom blocks

If you have a blog or a webpage that offers content with a design special, but you like to have blocks to fill fewer fields. Or you need a block that generates content dynamically from some API or from your own custom content on WordPress. In these cases or in other special cases, you need a Custom Block.

I develop Custom Blocks for your web or blog with React. I’m following the WordPress standards and I do the blocks with the last technology available.