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Soivigol Blocks is a theme ideal to freelances or people that offer their services. This theme is designed to offer a dark experiencie.
We have five templates base:

  • Index. To show a list of posts with the first hero with a custom title.
  • Page. This template defaults to a page with a background black and font color white.
  • Background White. This template is a variation of pages with a background of white and a font dark color.
  • Single. Template to show a post with a predefined design.
  • Archive. Template to show any category o default template to show post list.

Also, we have two template parts default. Header and footer. Very simple, but you can easily customizer.

In this template have six patters to create a pretty page to offer your services. This patters are following:

  • Section main hero
  • Section with three items
  • Section of the collaborators
  • Section of a services with the image at right
  • Section of a services with the image at left
  • Section of the featured description

My website is done with this theme 😁

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